For the love of writing!!!

“Gaze into the white space of paper to embellish it with the flow of ink .The pen striking my forehead for every word that spurs me to a thought. While every word being devoid from the pen, It seeks a sense from within integrating my thoughts.And there I sit back gazing at the words smudging in my eye balls..”

A writer’s workshop is beyond a reasonable pen , ink and paper. It’s more like the ideas that you drown in ,that keep you floating. To be a writer is like you look at yourself; no, not in the mirror but you have an insight of slightest gesture of thoughts that run over your brain trying to tickle you even when you’re asleep. It’s the constant consciousness awakened to grasp what you could write next. You write from anything or even from nothing, making it sound like an international event impacting America and the rest of the world. That’s the power behind a striking pen.


Are we lost in colours ? 

Welcome to the Prelude… 

If weird and bizarre are the two things in your head once you finish reading this, I’ve been successful. But again , give your interpretation a try. 

It’s not like I just conditioned your mind to derive a conclusion ; No, I didn’t. 

Ever felt the core of all solutions and challanges is the fundamentals of human behaviour? 

Well yes, I just made you feel so. 
It’s a pleasure , Pleasing your senses. 

On the electric wires , you’ve got the marching fire ants that pose an eventuality amongst the green … These wires though are just a little thicker than the hair breadth . From both ends you’ve got these fierce red ants marching irrespective of the breadth of the wires . 

We all cross each others’ paths , for reasons some and some not, cause we tend to  believe what we don’t know doesn’t exist . 

The ant approaching from left encounters the one from right. They have an understanding, which is way out of mine; although I stared at this whole process for an hour and half. 

Psychologists study human behaviour to derive a logic and generalise it or should we say , they’re just more curious than the rest ? It’s like tapping on the dot which is on a line. 

It’s marvelous how they give each other way to cross the segment without a misunderstanding, if at all there’s an understanding.

There are no accidents, once said a wise man . Comprehension is no necessity . It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to not understand. It’s good to be wrong .  It’s okay to be not understood. 

After staring for about an hour and a half, an ant slipped , ouch , it’s upside down clinging on narrowly . Rest of the ants not taking a notice . The ant struggling … 

The mind gambles . Is it going to make it?

 Do we feed our minds in a manner the thoughts  gamble for everything that hasn’t made sense yet? 

I see the legs struggling. I can see it beat the legs … It’s upside down. World is upside down to the ant . 

IS IT GONNA MAKE IT UP BACK?  Is this how lives end in the natural world? May be, yes, only the fittest survive. Or again , is fitness subjective? 

A flip of rotation and it was back up on the wire.

Ups and downs. Upside down or straight. Who knows you saw what I saw ? Who knows if at all we saw ? 

Amidst the green, it crawls back home. 
Where do you belong? 

The Facebook notification

So what do I start with? Obsessions? Hypocrisy? Show-off? Orrrr just hilarious?

Mark Zuckerberg sure does want to connect the world but, of course, he sure hasn’t met my grandad or people like him. My grandad’s recent profile creation on Facebook and hyperactive usage of WhatsApp has kept us quite entertaining and we’re subjected to annoyance although we prefer not to reveal it. It’s amusing how I could hear the constant WhatsApp tick sound and the Facebook notification sound from the room across, while I was silently having my lunch in their house like a loner.

My aunt i.e my grandad’s daughter tried convincing my grandmom to have a very subtle celebration of Gowri-Ganesha festival so that it’s less tiring for them as well as healthy, to have a low-calorie meal. Nevertheless, I saw a giant establishment of Ganesha, with his mom alongside, when I entered their house. Well without any question, I just finished my lunch and went back home to see my mom’s annoyed frowned face.

It so seems, my grandad has been constantly uploading pictures of their decoration,  on Facebook and in Whatsapp family groups, which is still acceptable. But what’s not, is that he’s been phone calling my mom to check if they’ve received the updates. To my mom’s bad luck, he apparently had issues while uploading and my mom had to diagnose it and resolve.  I’m sure she felt quite resourceful that moment.

Oh and not to forget his endless comments on everyone’s pictures and status updates although they partially make sense. I’m sure the whole family is rejoicing it.  Well, I don’t know how many earthlings follow me on this one, but you’ll know when it happens to you.

And grandad, if you’re reading this, no offense at all, It’s just pure mockery, no personal insult.

The Pseudo-ko hitch… 

​Addictions are nice; The ones that keep reminding you of life’s course, they are indeed good.

With a pencil and eraser by his side, my dad can spend hours together solving the game of Sudoku. No, I don’t mean he’s inefficient and takes hours to solve just a puzzle. Just like how a university boasts of having the best library, dad too has a “Sudoku infrastructure” which enables him to solve puzzles until eternity. 

An apparent virus, no where else to go, has affected my dad, rejoicing inside of him. The viral fever can certainly enclose your premises to sleep, bed and tiredness; Well to me it looked like dad was in an extended hangover. What he really missed while he was busy being sick, was puzzling his brain with Sudoku. 

Well yeah, we realised he was fine when he woke up on the gloomy morning today, to restart his quest. 

You know, it really doesn’t matter what your addiction is. It​ could be something meagre; And I’m sure we all have a couple of things in life which occupy our clock, which really is a great everyday affair to us. Something silly, something little yet important to us. It’s just good to keep it going… At least to me, it was the proof that dad was done being sick and life’s back to it’s swing now….

Putting back soul to our soil…

With the glory of development and innovation, the world has witnessed an anthropocentric approach. Aligning thoughts to World Environment Day and the need of the hour, a question popping up my brain was if ways of natural farming can win over modern sciences!?

While we address farmer as the one feeding hundreds of us, he also is the core protector of biodiversity, in his practices and methods. To quote from the book, “The One-straw Revolution”, by Masanobu Fukuako, “Doctors and medicines become necessary when people create a sickly environment”. What applies to farming, is on similar lines. The thing with nature is that it’s never changing, but what does, is how we visualize it. More importantly, understanding nature does not mean understanding ways of using it. While conservation of biodiversity is the key to sustainable development, it’s important to look back on how much we’ve been safeguarding it.

There’s one side of the developed advanced world sticking to their treaties and taking up initiatives towards the raging issue of climate change and allied challenges. There’s yet another crucial side of it, the grass-root level, which is merely What we eat…In case I haven’t made sense yet, It’s a reference to present day agriculture, the techniques of cultivation and bombard of chemicals into the soil.  Such an abuse, sadly. It’s rather too mainstream and partial to say deforestation is the main reason for eco-imbalance. A collectivity of human habits, approach and lifestyle is contributing to the bigger picture of challenges here.

As Tagore points out, we all know how Consumerism has gained importance over decades and economic growth is the key agenda of nations. Yet it’s silly of us to blame the industry giants and other big players for poaching the earth, that belongs to all of us.

It’s quite common on this day to wake up to a newspaper filled with facts and opinions about the environment and to sip on a hot coffee with a spoon of sugar in it, which itself is home to around 72 chemicals. It’s also quite easy to advocate everyone to plant a sapling, while in reality, we know, our concrete systems of civilizations can’t accommodate them.

Looking at the brighter and more realistic side of it, our lifestyles and choices of food can integrally contribute to the bigger picture of eco balance. While you and I and thousand others, as consumers, demand for naturally grown healthy food, we can witness a paradigm shift in the practice of agro methods. It’s only a myth to think growing natural and organic food is expensive. It just makes it relatively dear as it involves no subsidy or free distribution of inputs.

The synthesized world takes away our essence from nature and disconnects us from it. It’s essential in a material lifestyle to make attempts in getting closer to nature. Getting closer to nature definitely doesn’t just mean going on a road trip to the western ghats; It’s about implementing healthy food habits and health care systems which we’ve inherited from generations and sticking onto safeguarding it.

Every day I stand up for nature and her resources through my lifestyle. Do you?

“Movie is an art, Director an artist” , says Amartya…

The film festivals have always brought us the opportunity to meet the budding directors. Having interacted with Amartya Bhattacharyya, It was entirely a new perspective about movies.”Give the audience what they want “is an age old practice in Bollywood. “But I stand different in giving my audience, my ideologies and perspectives. Why generalize a movie??? ” says Mr.Bhattacharyya. Making short movies from 2012, he’s the director of the movie “Capital I”, an Odhisha film.

Q: What is your ideology about movies??

“Talking about the concept of cinema is very thought provoking. A movie , in the most basic sense is communication. When abstractness is brought in , it’s a way of leaving the movie to the viewer’s interpretation. Communication has two parts – transmission and reception. When a creatively made movie, is creatively received by the viewers, the process of communication is complete. A depiction with everything explained and a happy ending has been too mainstream and been set as benchmark. When questioned why too many ideas and thoughts were brought in , in just a movie, it was to create an impact. There can just be two reactions to my movie; A person either watches the movie till the climax and experiences it, or walks out of the theater disturbed. But none can sleep through it. Both are well accepted as it assures me that my movie has created an impact and made my audience think.”

Q: What serves as your inspiration?

“I’m moved by certain issues in our society. I am driven by the circumstances around me. I believe in being instinctive and spontaneous.”

Q: If it’s about the society , conflicts in the matter of religion is extremely noticeable in this nation, planning for a movie on it?

“Not really. I’m not a person that believes in bifurcation of humanity in the name of religion. When a director doesn’t relate himself in a context, movie doesn’t come into the scene. It’s very important for a director to to have been moved by an issue or concept, for him to show it to the rest of the world”

Q: What’s been your best compliment?

“A renowned Indian director once watched my movie. The first day, he says he was disturbed by the movie. The second day, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. The third day he wondered why he was so indulged in thoughts about this movie and why it was so disturbing to him. The fourth day he realized that the movie was well made and was successful in creating the impact. This kind of impact is truly a compliment.”

A man with great perspective , talks also about idealistic views and how it motivates the movie makers. To make a movie , he says, all you need is a camera and the knack of playing with it to bring  out the desired scenes. The conventional thinking that a movie requires a high budget and a lot of tools is a false notion.Brining in art, perspective and theme to his movies, he believes in creating impact and strongly conveying the message.

Connecting the dots… Inner wellbeing

Often in scenarios of distress and crisis, we’ve been taught to keep up our acceptance level and the art of being able to surrender to the almighty. For a teen like me, religion has always been a mere matter of discussion. It’s rather saddening when Bhakti is materialistic than something more intangible and intense. Arjuna had the great privilege to go through a comprehensive spiritual session in the luxury of war, which serves as one of the greatest texts ever created in the history of mankind. Not everyone gets this lucky, do they?

Image result for sad       Image result for bhagavad gita

Well the point I’m trying to make here is, in our tight schedules and organized calendars, we often get ignorant to connect back to the universe. Yes, we make attempts in connecting to the creator of the Universe but how oft do we emphasize on every element and energy that the creator has blessed us with? Nothing can be more superficial than the mere showcase of devotion without practicing it as a way of life; It’s about being able to fall in love with every element and every aspect of this multi-dimensional world we live in. It’s the art of heartfelt appreciation and gratitude and experiencing the bliss of it. And no, this isn’t just an opinion that I wanna wake up one fine morning and go on typing….

Image result for stupid rituals in india

“For material creation, Lord Krsna’s plenary expansion assumes three Visnus. The first one, Maha-Visnu, creates total material energy, known as material mahat-tattva. The second, Garbhodakasayi Visnu, enters into all the universes to create diversities in each of them. The third, Ksirodakasayi Visnu, is diffused as the all-pervading Supersoul in all the Universes as Paramatma. HE IS PRESENT EVEN WITHIN ATOMS. Anyone who knows these three Visnus can be liberated from material entanglement”, I quote from the purport of Text 4 in Chapter 7, from ” Bhagawad-Gita As It Is “.

Related image

And just when I read that he is present even within atoms, I had a thousand thoughts rushing my head( Also because rest of the lines were too technical to understand). So basically you and I have a portion of the whole complete energy of the almighty just like all other creations have them. So when we are all called children of God, It’s cause, technically, the energy that he alone created runs in our veins in every minute sense and makes us what we are. So what we do in return is, optimize this energy channelized to us by being Conscious about it. So how can I optimize my energy? Well, simply by being the master of my sense organs. Trust me, there’s too little non-sense and unwanted drama in life if you can master your senses and set your goals. There’s clear aura of bliss and the senses open up to something beyond what the human eyes and see and interpret. Just like the great guru TT Rangarajan says, we feel God in the withdrawal of our senses. All these experiences collectively are the journey of spirituality. Happiness begins to be a natural flow of energy through elements of the world and by seeking more of it, we can create and attract for ourselves a lifestyle that would bring us more of what makes us happy. So if religion is supposed to be a way of life and if happiness is supposed to be a mindset or state of mind, it’s rather easy to connect the dots now. Religion and spirituality are the ultimate tools to create what we really need in life for which we need to be in the mindset of it. End of the day, it’s about being able to excel in syncing with the creation and the creator for creating a lifestyle that one desires. Because the creator is technically nothing but the source of the infinite and whole energy that prevails in everything and everyone. Syncing with the universe is just like tapping into the infinite energy available at our disposal and becoming part of it.


By reading through the lines, this is what I could interpret from a part of these holy books. What’s your interpretation?



Religion , a way of life????

Being around pious people could only lead to two things; you become one of them or you try to find the true meaning in what they all do. Being on the latter side , I’m on a spiritual journey, drawing borders with religion. 

In a conversation with my aunt , her mention was about her neighbor who was highly religious , that prayed and performed worshipping rituals , several times in the day, with all his heart. Well that’s the story of most of the people here who dedicate their hours for prayers and rituals . 

It was my inquisitiveness that asked her if he was a very calm , wise and a well learned man. My aunt bluntly replied that he was pretty much like any of us…

Well, a little disappointed but with little hopes , I asked her if that man could control his emotions and anger if and when he wished??? 

My aunt stared and reminded me that he was no RISHI and was yet another man doing his religious duties . 

Pretty much at this point , I realised that most people don’t practice religion for self-betterment although they claim religion is a way of life.

Why does it have to take a Rishi to attain integrity with oneself? 

I, a little child of God , stand here believing that people around me are praying day and night to strengthen themselves so as to give back to the society. They pray to toughen themselves to face all odds as to attain the order of  Purushottama  so that they can be a great hand in taking care of family and friends and the whole big picture of SOCIETY.

It was saddening when I noticed people praying to God, only to keep them out of situations of difficulty. And so they say , “The beginning of belief in God is evidence of surge in fear”. 

There is , indeed , a great gap between religion and spirituality; There is , only , a narrow gap in a man’s life , when he uses religion as a tool to equip himself in the spiritual journey . 

I am thankful to God for making me realize that his words written in  The Great Mithological – Religious books , can help me achieve the status of being a Good Human Being,  that can indulge in giving back to people , trying to make it a better world to live in for people, by mere CONCIOUSNESS.   

Well , just a few words from a hopeful romantic of God , believing that religion and spirituality can make it a divine world to exist in.